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We  have  320  graduates and many are serving the Lord in various churches as pastors and other Christian workers.  Our college is committed to Training Faithful men and women  that will be able to train others also.  We believe we can best reach Papua New Guinea through the establishment of Fundamental Baptist Churches.


Urgent Needs:  (GBBC direct giving)

Giving has been down this year we need about US $6000 to meet  Budget expenses this year. Please pray for  some extra gifts to come in by November 22 Graduation.


GBBC work scholarship-  We need 30 people willing to sponsor  $150 each to help provide work for students working to pay off their school fees each term.


We now have over 375 graduates serving in PNG. We need funds for maintenance at GBBC. We want to replace  normal fluorescent tubes with  LED tubes. They cost $20 each to get here and they will reduce our lighting cost by 50%. We need  150  4 ft tubes and 150 2 ft tubes.   Can you give  $20 per light to reduce GBBC operating costs?






GBBC is a 4 year Bible College dedicated to training Papua New Guineans for the Gospel ministry.

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