The Story of Hope & Way to Joy are two booklets that go together to provide a comprehensive evanglistic and dscipleship tool.   We have completed the first rough draft of translating these booklets into Pidgin.   We are completing the translation project but NEED  funds to cover printing.



Personal Testimony



Mausman heard the story of Nicodemus and realized even though he has been a pastor for 20 years- HE had religion but not Christ.  He was saved at one of the clinic outreaches.  Now he is encouraging his old congregation to join the new church!  Praise the Lord!

We want to print 3000 of each and get them into the hands of our graduates to be used to reach people for Christ, see them saved, and disciple them in a way that helps them to be faithful Christians for years to come.  Each book will cost $3  for printing and processing.    We need $10,000 for each booklet.

Can you help make a difference for ETERNITY with just $3?

The Story of Hope Flashcard Translation Project account




Please help if you can.